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Your Attorney’s Paralegal Can be Your Best Divorce Resource

If you are currently going through divorce in Georgia, you have likely already found that having a divorce attorney with the experience necessary to fight for your rights and you child’s best interest is absolutely essential. But, during the divorce process, your attorney isn’t your only resource. In fact, your attorney’s paralegal can be one of your most valuable resources during divorce.

Paralegals often bill at a lower rate than attorneys. With that being said, if you are seeking a status update on your case, or if you need help completing forms such as the Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit, it is often best to speak with your attorney’s paralegal, because he or she will be able to help you at a rate that is often significantly less than your attorney’s billable hour rate.  Keep in mind thought that paralegals are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice. However, if they can’t answer a question for you, they can discuss it with the attorney and get back to you, or have the attorney return your call if necessary.

Additionally, your divorce attorney’s paralegal may often be able to provide a quicker response that your attorney. Keep in mind that your attorney is often busy preparing documents and attending hearing on your behalf. As a result he or she may not be able to return your telephone call or email as quickly as you would like. If you require a quick response to a question, contact your attorney’s paralegal. He or she will likely be better able to respond quickly with the information you need.  If your attorney’s paralegal is unable to answer your question or concern, he or she can schedule a telephone conference or an in person meeting between you and your attorney to make sure your questions and concerns are addressed.




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