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Why You Should Hire an Attorney to Draft Your Will

The Importance of Legal Guidance

Since each state has unique estate laws, an experienced attorney will provide you with legal guidance to ensure the instructions or bequests in your Will are legally permissible in your state. Using free form documents from the internet could lead to inaccuracies or invalidate certain provisions of your Will.

An attorney will assist you both in crafting legally appropriate provisions for your Will according to your wishes and will also ensure that your Will is properly executed (signed) according to state law. Without the help of an attorney, provisions of your Will may be vague, ambiguous, inconsistent, or you may unintentionally omit someone from your Will.

The Process of Obtaining a Will

Your attorney should make your estate planning journey simple and easy to understand. At Meriwether & Tharp, we have drafted many Wills and are familiar with Georgia's unique estate laws.

When you contact M&T for a Will, our intake team will gather your personal information and connect you with an attorney for a free telephone consultation. Our team will schedule you for a meeting with your attorney, where the attorney will ask questions to become familiar with your unique case.

Your attorney will assist you in completing an estate planning checklist, where they will begin compiling information specific to your case. This information will mainly relate to the different types of property you have and how you wish for your property and possessions to be distributed upon your death.

Once you have met with your attorney, your legal team will draft a unique Will to suit the individual needs and requests for your case. When the Will is finished, your legal team will send you a copy for review. Once you review and approve the written Will, your legal team will arrange a meeting where your Will can be properly executed and copies will be made. In addition to your Will, M&T provides our Will clients with an Advance Healthcare Directive, which provides instructions for medical care in the event you cannot communicate your wishes.

Written by: Rebekah Ann James


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