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What to bring to your first meeting with an Atlanta divorce attorney

Your first meeting with an Atlanta divorce attorney will be a time for your attorney to gather information about your case. There are several documents you should bring with you to this meeting so that the attorney can learn as much as possible.

Account statements – Bring the most recent statement for any accounts that are in your name, your spouse’s name (if it is available to you), and your joint names. This includes statements for checking/savings accounts, investment accounts, retirement accounts, credit cards, and stock options. These statements will give your attorney a good idea of the assets that will be equitably divided between your and your spouse.

Bills – Bring the most recent statement for each bill that is paid by you and/or your spouse. This includes utility bills, mortgage statements, insurance statements, medical expenses, car payments, children’s expenses and credit card statements. These documents will help in alimony/child support negotiations, and will help determine who should pay these expenses while the divorce is pending and thereafter.

Income – Bring your most recent pay stub and that of your spouse (if you have access to it). In addition, bring tax returns for the previous 3 years. Income plays a large role in most divorces so it is important that your attorney has a clear picture of this issue.

In general, bring everything to your first meeting with an attorney that you think is important to your case. Once the attorney has all the information, he/she can work with you to manage your expectations about your divorce and determine the appropriate steps to take to reach a positive outcome in your case.


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