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Want to Catch Your Cheating Spouse in the Act? There’s an App for That

Well, there used to be an app for that, the “Boyfriend Tracker.” This app which was available in Google’s Play store until recently, made checking up on a potentially cheating spouse as easy as pressing a few buttons. When this application was available, all a suspicious spouse or partner had to do was simply download the application to suspected spouse’s cellphone. If the more advanced version of the app was downloaded, no trace of the app would be left on the suspected spouse’s cell phone. This way, the suspected cheater would have no idea the tracking app had been installed. Once the app was installed, the functions enjoyed by the suspicions spouse included: receiving tracking updates on their partner’s location, receiving forwarded duplicates of text message traffic from the cheating spouse’s phone, and the ability to force the suspected spouse’s  phone to silently call their own, so they can listen in on what the person is saying.

Although this application is no longer available for download, there are similar applications and programs that make it possible for a suspicious spouse to keep tabs on their husband or wife by tracking their location and cell phone usage data. Although applications such as Family Tracker or GPS Tracking Pro may be used to track the whereabouts of a potentially cheating spouse, it is not advisable to utilize such applications for this purpose. Two wrongs don’t make a right. If you suspect your spouse of adultery or other deceptive practices, practicing deception yourself is no way to respond. Communicate your concerns to your spouse is a health, non-combative manner, and seek family counseling if necessary. However, if infidelity or trust issues continue to plague your marriage, and your marriage is irretrievably broken as a result, contact a qualified and knowledgeable Atlanta divorce attorney to discuss divorce as an option, and well as what legal methods may be utilized to prove your spouse’s adultery for your divorce matter.


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