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The Lohan Family – Family Law Drama In The News Again

Another day, another article about child support drama in the Lohan family. This time, apparently, Michael Lohan owes more than $16,000 in back child support to his ex-wife, Dina. Dina Lohan - Hey Michael, Pay Up…Or Get Locked Up, by TMZ Staff,, April 15, 2015. At the most recent hearing, Dina presented evidence that Michael has been driving around in his expensive Maserati while he owes her a large sum of child support. Michael did not attend the hearing, but phoned in to say the check is in the mail. Michael also argued that he pays his kids directly because he's worried that Dina spends the money on herself. Not surprisingly (since these two arguments are contradictory and prove he is clearly lying about something), the Judge was not moved and revoked Michael's passport and driving privileges until he pays the full amount. The Judge further ordered that if Michael doesn't pay by April 24, he's going to jail.

If Michael's allegation that the check is in the mail is true, then he should have made a copy of the check to present to the court. It's no secret that these parties have been in and out of court on this issue, and he could more easily convince the Judge that he wrote a check if he could produce a copy of it. If, on the other hand, his allegation that he pays his kids directly is true, he should also have the ability to produce evidence of payments, unless he paid them in cash.

Here's a lesson that can be learned from this case: make sure you have a paper trail for all child support payments. Whether or not there have been child support issues in the past assume the worst and document everything. Make copies of checks. Text your ex asking for confirmation that he/she received payment. Better yet, directly deposit the support amount into your ex's account. Then there can be no question that you paid. So many child support issues turn into he said/she said, and a simple way to take the "he didn't pay" argument off the table is to produce documentary evidence to the contrary. Keep a paper trail!

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