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Summer visitation and Georgia divorce

With school getting out and summer upon us, it seems appropriate to discuss summer visitation. Whether you are currently going through a divorce, or have already gone through a divorce, summer visitation is something that you and your former spouse (or soon-to-be former spouse) should discuss. Camp and other extracurricular activities can often take up a lot of the children’s time, so it is important that you are on the same page about these activities and how they may impact visitation.

If your divorce is final, you are required to abide by your final divorce decree regarding summer visitation. Often, divorce decrees allow each parent to take the children on a vacation for up to two uninterrupted weeks, so long as each parent notifies the other of his/her intent. I recommend that you go back and read your divorce decree to make sure you are clear on your rights and obligations.

If you do not yet have a final divorce decree and there is no temporary order governing custody and visitation for the summer, I highly recommend that you seek to get a temporary agreement in place. There are several reasons for coming to a summer visitation arrangement sooner rather than later: (1) You can make travel plans, if necessary; (2) You can make arrangements for taking time off work or arranging child care/camp during the time you have the children; and (3) You can ensure that both parents will have some time with the children over the summer.


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