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Social Security Benefits After a Divorce

If you and your former spouse were married for longer than ten (10) years and paid into the Social Security Trust Funds, you may be entitled to spouse’s or survivor benefits on your formerspouse’s account upon reaching age 62, regardless of whether your former spouse has retired at that time. These benefits are provided by the federal government and are not usually addressedin a Decree.

The Social Security Administration advises contacting it three months in advance of your anticipated eligibility date. For survivor benefits, this could be as early as three months before turningage 60; for spouse’s benefits, three months before turning age 62.

When applying for Social Security benefits, you should have your Social Security Number, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate and Final Decree, showing your marriage termination date. You maycontact the Social Security Administration by phone at (800) 772-1213. Social Security laws are constantly changing, and your future benefits may be affected bythose changes. To be sure of the exact benefits to which you are entitled, and your earliest eligibility to receive the benefits, contact the Social Security Administration directly.


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