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Social Media and Georgia Divorce

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr are often wonderful ways to remain connected with friends and acquaintances, and they are also great ways to share information with other individuals from all walks of like. However, as social media has become a more integrated part of many peoples' lives, it has also had a major impact on the practice of divorce and family law in Georgia.

As a Georgia divorce attorney, I often hear how spouses who are currently going through the divorce process use social media websites to lash out at each other or taunt each other concerning the issues of their divorce. Although it may be tempting to use social media as a weapon against your spouse, you may find that this same weapon will be used against you later on in the divorce process. If you are currently going through a divorce in Georgia please consider the following notes of caution regarding the use of social media and how it may impact your Georgia divorce:

• Your social media site is not as secure as you may think. Even if you have taken the necessary precautions to safeguard your social media account, never assume that anything you post is totally private. In fact, it is safer to assume that any and everything you post may be seen by your spouse or his or her attorney.

• Your social media activity may be used against you in a court of law. It is often that case material posted by one or both spouses on social media sites is presented as evidence at trial. With this being said, never post anything that you would not want to be repeated or revealed in court.

• Your mutual friends will likely tattle on you. Even if your spouse does not have access to your social media site, it is very likely that any mutual friends that you and your spouse share will inform your spouse of any divorce related updates you post. Even a comment as like, "Met with my attorney today. Everything is going great," can give your spouse insight that could potentially harm your case.

• If you have a new girlfriend or boyfriend, do not advertise this fact on the internet until the divorce is final. Even something as seemingly harmless as changing your relationship status on Facebook may provide your spouse with additional ammunition against you in your case.

• Stay away from dating sites during your divorce. Although you may be ready to begin a new and better relationship, do not let your desire to move on with your life possibly damage your divorce case. It is very easy to access the profiles on these sites, and it is not at all uncommon for evidence obtained from a spouse's dating site to be used against him or her during divorce and child custody battles.

If you are currently going through a Georgia divorce and would like more advice on how to approach social media during the process, speak with one of our Georgia divorce attorneys.

By A. Latrese Martin, Associate Attorney, Meriwether & Tharp, LLC


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