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Single Dads on the Rise

We are all familiar with discussions concerning single mothers in America. However, did you know the rate of single fathers in the United States is growing at a surprising rate? According to 2010 Census statistics, there were 1.7 single fathers in the United States. Percentage wise, that comes to about 15% of single parent households being headed by single fathers. This may come as a surprise to some, but it really shouldn’t. Over the past few years, the family court systems in several states have increasingly began to recognize greater custodial rights for fathers, and with this greater recognition we have begun to see an increase in the number children being raised by dad in this country. The above cited statistics tend to discredit the long held stereotypes that fathers tend to abandon their children post-divorce or that they are less effective or reliable parents than mothers.

As the instance of single father households continues to increase, we must also remember that as the primary custodians of their children, single fathers need help in the form of child support and co-parenting support just as much as single mothers do. However, although single fathers are just as entitled to child support for the benefit of their children as single mothers are, single fathers often have a harder time asking for help. Some fear losing custody of their children if they seek support, while others would rather avoid the possible social stigma of seeking financial support from their ex-wife. Not only do single fathers tend to seek child support less often, it also appears that they have just as much difficulty recovering court ordered child support as their single mother counterparts.  According to the US Census Bureau, out of the 4.3 billion dollars of child support single fathers were due in 2007, they only received or recovered 2.8 billion.

If you are a father seeking primary custody of your children, or if you are seeking to recover child support on behalf of your children, contact Your Atlanta Divorce Team at Meriwether & Tharp to schedule a consultation today.

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