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Should I Hire a Private Investigator?

Publish Date: 01/10/2015

Hiring a private investigator may seem like an extreme measure to take during your Georgia divorce. But in some cases, hiring a private investigator, sometimes referred to as PIs, can mean the difference between winning and losing. Specifically when it comes to proving such claims as adultery, misappropriation of marital funds, hiding separate and marital funds, or child abuse, private investigators may be a suspicious spouse's best ally.

While one spouse may know about the bank accounts he or she has access to, it is often difficult, if not impossible, for most spouses to undercover assets hidden the other spouse. Private investigators are beneficial in discovering hidden assets and uncovering the misuse of marital funds because PIs have access to select databases and records that the average person doesn't have access to. Private eyes may also be helpful to those seeking to prove a spouse's infidelity. Often times, one spouse may believe that the other spouse is unfaithful, but a simple belief is not sufficient to prove adultery during the divorce process. Private investigators have the skills necessary to track and investigate a philandering spouse to gather proof of the infidelity. Finally, seeking the aid of a private investigator may help a parent prevail in child custody disputes. A videotape or other form of evidence that tends to show the other parent failing to protect the interests of the child or children involved may be exactly what a parent seeking custody needs to prevail in his or her child custody dispute. Private investigators know exactly how to uncover such evidence if it exists.

With the above in mind, if you feel that the service of a private investigator may help you prevail in your divorce or other domestic relations matter, speak with your family law attorney about whether hiring a private investigator would be appropriate in your case and what steps will be necessary to engage a private investigator in your case.


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