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Not Ready for Divorce? Here's How to Prepare

Exit Strategy

Since divorce is a major life change, it is wise to begin preparing for divorce by creating a divorce plan. Meriwether & Tharp recommends developing an exit strategy for divorce, where you will plan for the anticipated life change with the least amount of loss.

Information Gathering

As you begin to prepare for divorce, you should gather your thoughts and make notes on important facts, times, dates, and events concerning your marriage, children, and divorce. Begin to collect and maintain copies or records of important documents, like financial records and other personal information. This information will likely be important later in your case during the Discovery process and may later be included as evidence for legal pleadings or court hearings.

Interviewing an Attorney

It is important to select the best attorney for your case. You should hire an attorney who is trustworthy, has experience working cases similar to yours, and who communicates with you about your questions and concerns.

At Meriwether & Tharp, we do our best to educate you about your divorce, and we offer a number of resources because we want you to be as educated and as comfortable as possible with your case. When you contact us, our intake team should discuss with you how M&T is different from other law firms and the various pricing options available. Should you choose to hire us, your attorney will analyze the facts in your case and work with you to develop a unique case strategy for your case.

Telling Your Family

It can be difficult to have the conversation with your family about a divorce because the change will likely be emotional for everyone involved. We recommend you plan to tell your spouse in a private place where you can both discuss your concerns and feelings. Then you and your spouse should discuss together how to tell the child(ren).

Written by: Rebekah Ann James

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