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My Spouse Cheated. Should I Seek Divorce?

The decision whether to stay or seek a divorce is a very personal decision, and it is one that only you can make. If you have recently discovered that your spouse has had an affair, it is likely that you are coping with a number of different emotions and thoughts. You may be wondering whether you could ever forgive him or her, whether your marriage can survive this traumatic event, or whether you should ever trust your spouse again.

It is important for you to know that after an affair you should not make any hasty decisions regarding the future of your marriage, as any decision made will be fueled by emotion and likely not well thought out. Although it may be difficult to imagine doing so, especially since this person has caused you so much pain, you should seek to communicate with your spouse. One very effective way to communicate with your spouse post-affair is via family therapy or marriage counseling. Seeking counseling after an affair will allow you to communicate your feeling to your spouse and it will allow you both to discuss the future of your relationship. Additionally, your therapist or counselor will work with you to determine whether your marriage can and should be saved or if divorce is actually the answer. Divorce isn't always the answer. But, if your marriage has suffered irreparable damage due to adultery, or other marital woes, we at Meriwether & Tharp are here for you.


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