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My Child Support is Too High! What Should I Do?

The brief answer to this question is to seek the help and advice of a knowledgeable Georgia child support attorney. Once you do, he or she will likely advise you that seeking a child support modification may be a viable option for you. A child support modification is a legal action that may be initiated to modify the terms of a prior court order establishing child support, such as a final divorce decree or a paternity order. A child support modification action may be initiated by either the parent obligated to pay child support, or the recipient parent. In order for a parent to seek and obtain a modification of child support, he or she must allege and show that there has been a change in the income or financial status of either parent or in the needs of the minor child or children. O.C.G.A. ยง 19-6-19(a).

Specifically, if you are an obligated parent who feels your current child support obligation is too high based on your current financial circumstances, seeking a child support modification may be the best course of action for you. Speak with an Atlanta Divorce Attorney today to determine if the change in your financial status qualifies you to seek a child support modification.


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