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Lower Divorce Costs: Sign a Pre-nup

Let's face it; you wouldn't agree to enter into a business partnership without a written document/agreement, so why would you enter into a marriage in Georgia without one? On top of paying attorney fees, having a pre-nuptial agreement could easily reduce the amount of time spent on your divorce case. Divorce costs are reactive. Why not be proactive and file a pre-nuptial agreement.

Although this agreement isn't all red roses and hearts, it's logical. Staying logical is beneficial and a money savior when dealing with a divorce. In case of a divorce, a pre-nup will allow your assets to be easily divided between both parties.

Necessary Pre-nup Scenario: Jim and Joyce want to get married. This is Jim's first marriage and Joyce's second. Joyce has successfully built a multi-million dollar business, owns substantial real estate and has two minor children. Jim has been a long time Bachelor and has acquired significant retirement assets and has a collection of antique roadsters worth $2.5 million. A pre-nup at this stage would value all assets and in the event of a divorce avoid a messy and expensive equitable division argument ten years down the line.

Divorce attorneys agree that having a smooth escape in the end will profit you emotionally and financially. Pre-nups aren't always the right fit for every marriage but if both parties have significant assets or a Brady bunch marriage where it's important to keep assets separate, then a pre-nup should be considered.

Considering a pre-nup now? The Atlanta Divorce team has the ins and outs on pre-nuptial & post-nuptial agreements here.


Lower Divorce Costs
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