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Kim Kardashian divorce case – what would happen in Georgia?

When celebrity family law cases make national news, clients often wonder how the case would turn out in Georgia. In a celebrity family law case currently gripping the headlines, Kim Kardashianand Kris Humphries are now battling over whether their 72-day marriage will end in divorce or annulment. Kim Kardashian 'doesn't want a battle' with Kris Humphries: Source, by Jennifer Garcia,, December 2, 2011. Though Kardashian filed for divorce to end their marriage, Humphries has filed foran annulment on the grounds of fraud. If the parties obtain an annulment, it will be as if the marriage never happened.

In California, like in Georgia, fraud is grounds for an annulment. However, in both states,the fraud must be proven, not just alleged, or an annulment cannot be granted. Though there is speculation in the media about the fraud in this marriage, Humphries must come with facts, not just speculation in order to be granted an annulment. If the fraud cannot be proven, the marriage will end in divorce. The same would happen in Georgia. It will be interesting to see how this one turns out, and whether the divorce/annulment action lasts longer than the marriage itself.

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