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Is Your Spouse Using A Photo Hiding App to Conceal an Affair?

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Lock Photo, Private Photo, Private Photo Vault, Best Secret Folder, Secret Photo, and Private Pics. Although these names may sound harmless enough, these are just a few of the photo hiding apps that your spouse may be using to conceal their infidelity. Picture hiding apps, also known as "ghost" apps, are apps that can be downloaded to almost any cell phone. Once downloaded, these apps allow the user to conceal pictures saved on the phone they don't want any else to see.

What makes these apps so insidious is that the apps do not obviously reveal their content, like other photo album apps. Instead, these apps appear to be something else entirely, like a calculator, a clock or a game. In fact, the most popular picture hiding app is actually a fully functional calculator. But, once the user enters a secret passcode, the photo vault is unlocked revealing the secret photos, notes and web searches the user wants to conceal.

If you are considering divorce or currently going through the divorce process in Georgia, and you suspect your spouse of adultery, obtaining information regarding your spouse's cell phone use, especially the apps he or she has downloaded, may be critical to uncovering evidence of an affair. To learn more about how you can obtain this information through the discovery process during your divorce, contact The Atlanta Divorce Team. We would be glad to walk you through the Georgia divorce process, including what you can do to gather evidence and protect your interests during your divorce case.

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