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In Georgia, is using a do-it-yourself web site for an Uncontested Divorce a Waste of Money?

There are several do-it-yourself, uncontested divorce web sites for people to download forms to help them with their divorce in Georgia. We have had several people contact us recently about helping them finalize their divorce in Cherokee County. In each case they had paid an online, self-help web site to put together their forms to file for divorce. The couples had fortunately mediated their issues and entered a divorce agreement without hiring a Canton or Woodstock divorce lawyer. The problem arose when they went to the Judge to approve their uncontested divorce.Their Cherokee County divorce paperwork did not meet the requirements for the Court to approve their divorce, and the Court recommended that they hire a Canton, Georgia divorce lawyer to finalize their divorce.

In the end, they had to hire a Canton divorce attorney to get their uncontested divorce approved. So, to answer the question posed in the title of this blog, I would have to say that it depends on how much money they spent. On a positive note, the divorce paperwork they received from the web site allowed them to settle all of their issues on their own without the need for a divorce lawyer. From this perspective, the money they spent was probably worth it.

For the divorcing couple considering spending money on a self-help divorce web site, they need to consider whether the web site is familiar specifically with the rules of the County in which they are filing for a divorce. For the divorces in Cherokee County, I would suggest that if they spend the money on a divorce web site to try to settle their issues, they should take their divorce paperwork to a Canton or Woodstock divorce lawyer in Georgia to review the paperwork prior to submitting it to the Judge. The divorce lawyer can make sure that it meets the requirements of the Court. Otherwise, the divorcing couple may miss several days of work going to Court to get their divorce finalized. Moreover, it could delay the divorce being granted by months.

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