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In Georgia, am I entitled to financial support after a divorce if I had an affair?

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In Georgia, a spouse who has an affair risks the affair playing a large role in the outcome of the divorce case, specifically with the issue of support. First and foremost, adultery is an absolute bar to alimony in Georgia. This means that the person who had the affair is not entitled to alimony, whether they need it or not, and will not be successful on a claim for alimony in court.

On the other hand, adultery does not impact child support as this support belongs to the child, not the parent. Thus, anything relating to child support, such as daycare, medical, and extracurricular expenses for the children, will still be up for discussion and will be shared according to the child support worksheets. It should be noted, however, that adultery can affect child custody, which will determine who pays child support. If a parent has committed adultery in the presence of the children, this parent is acting contrary to the children’s best interests(the standard for determining custody in Georgia), which could result in that parent losing a custody battle and then having the obligation to pay child support.

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