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How do I Choose the Best Divorce Attorney?

With all information on the web and friends giving you recommendations how do you choose the best divorce attorney in Atlanta or in your local areas like Alpharetta and Cumming? More importantly, how do you choose the best lawyer for you? Research shows that people want trustworthy lawyers. But how can you tell if the attorney online or the attorney being recommended by friends is trustworthy? It’s simple, you have to do things the old fashioned way.

1.) Do your Research

Peruse the law firm’s website. Read about their representation philosophy and read their attorney bios/profiles. Get a feel for whether you feel comfortable with this law firm. Check to see if they offer free consultations. Also read some of the content on their webpage and determine how helpful that content is.  Did their webpage answer some of your initial questions?

2.) Interview Your Attorney

Some law firms offer free telephone consultations. This is a great opportunity to interview an attorney to see if you would want to hire them. Get a feel for their personality and their representation style. Are they cost conscious deal makers or are they the type of attorney that prefers to take every case to trial, which ends up costing substantially more in attorney’s fees? Ask yourself if this is someone you could see yourself working with? Is this someone you feel like you can trust? How knowledgeable are they? Did they answer your questions and address your concerns?

3.) Ask the Tough Questions

During your consultation or meeting with the attorney make sure you fully understand how their fee structure works. If they have a retainer, ask how the much the initial retainer is and what hourly rate the attorney bills at. Ask if any part of the retainer is refundable. Ask what practices they will use to save you money. The number one complaint clients have of their attorneys is the lack of communication. Therefore, make sure to ask what their policy is on returning calls and e-mails to clients.

4.) Don’t be Afraid to Shop Around

Finally, don’t be afraid to call multiple attorneys/law firms in your area. Meet in person or do phone consultations with each of them and repeat the process described above. Compare and contrast what you learned from each attorney and make an educated decision. Be sure to ask friends and family members whose opinions you trust.


Do your research and interview your potential attorney the old fashioned way. An educated decision on which attorney you choose could potentially save you a lot of money and help get your legal issue resolved according your expectations.



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