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High Profile Custody Battles: Deion Sanders vs. Pilar Sanders

Once again, football Hall of Fame athlete Deion Sanders and his ex-wife Pilar Sanders are back in court over child custody. Specifically, the couple were back in court due to Pilar's failure to abide by the court's order concerning child custody and parenting time. The court found Pilar in contempt of court and remanded her to serve one week in county jail for failing to return the former couple's three children to Deion on time after a visit, and for taking the children for an unauthorized visit.

Unfortunately, it is common for co-parents to fail to abide by the terms of the Marital Settlement Agreement or the terms of the Final Decree of Divorce. However, as discussed in detail in our articles addressing contempt actions in Georgia, failing to abide by a courts order concerning child custody, child support and alimony has several consequences, including sentencing the offending party to jail time, like in the case of Pilar Sanders. If you are a parent who is concerned about your co-parents continued violation of the terms of your child custody agreement, speak with a Georgia child custody attorney about initiating a contempt action.

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