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High Profile Child Custody Battles: Steve Nash v. Alejandra Amarilla

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In this installment of our series, High Profile Custody Battles, we take a look at what has been described as the “bizarre custody fight” between professional basketball player Steve Nash and his ex-wife, Alejandra Amarilla.

According to media outlets, Amarilla seeks to move from Arizona to Los Angeles with the couple’s three children. Although it seems as if Nash, who now plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, would more than welcome the move so that he can be closer to his children, he is seeking to block the move. According to Nash, Los Angeles is not a conducive environment in which to raise a child. However, his ex-wife postulates that Nash’s opposition is due to his desire to prevent a California judge from ordering him to pay child support.

Presently, the former couple is still awaiting the ruling of the presiding judge on this issue. Recently though, Nash has enjoyed a victory in the custody battle with his ex. The presiding judge has recently determined that Nash’s new girlfriend is allowed to accompany Nash’s three children from Los Angeles to Arizona and back without Nash or Amarilla being present. Amarilla of course objected to Nash’s petition to allow this, arguing that Nash’s new girlfriend should not be allowed to care for the children without one of the parent’s being present because she is not a family member.

Despite this objection, the court determined that Nash’s girlfriend’s relationship to the children could be likened to the nanny who cares for the children. Thus, she is allowed to accompany the children to Los Angeles so that Nash can exercise his parenting time with the children. It is certain that Nash appreciates that court’s determination on this issue. However, depending on the court’s findings concerning Amarilla’s desire to relocate to Los Angeles, he may not appreciate the ruling on this issue.

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