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Georgia child support deviations – High Income

The court can deviate from the presumptive child support amount calculated by the child support worksheets for several reasons, IF the deviation is in the best interest of the child(ren) for whom child support is being determined. OCGA §19-6-15(i)(1)(A). The first deviation category under the statute is high income. OCGA §19-6-15(i)(2)(A). According to the statute,“parents are considered high-income parents if their combined adjusted income exceeds $30,000.00 per month.” Id. For parents who fall into this category, “the court shall set the basic child support obligation at the highest amount allowed by the child support obligation table.” Id. In addition, the court or jury has the option to consider an upward deviation to reach an appropriate award of child support “which is consistent with the best interest of the child.” Id.

In determining a property child support amount for parents who fall into this category, the court will likely consider the lifestyle in which the children lived before the divorce. There is no monetary cap to the child support for parents who fall into this category. The court is only limited by the best interest of the child and the ability of the custodial parent to provide basic necessities.


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