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Five Financial Secrets Your Spouse is Keeping From You

Have you ever thought there was something your spouse wasn't sharing with you? You may be right. Below are five common financial practices that your spouse may be keeping from you. Remember, what you don't know about your family's financial circumstances can harm you. So, if you suspect that your spouse is keeping financial secrets from you, be on the lookout for warning signs often associated with these deceptive practices.

1. "I have a bank account you don't know about."

According to a study conducted by the National Endowment for Financial Education, 15% of married individuals who otherwise share finances with their spouse have secret banks accounts. Have you ever noticed that your spouse is making purchases with money from an inexplicable source, or have you noticed that not all of both you and your spouse's income is making its way into your joint account? If so, your spouse may be one of the 15% of married individuals with an account on the side.

2. "I earn more money than you think I do."

This may seem counterintuitive to what people normally do, namely, inflate their income to appear more desirable. However, more and more spouses are tending to deflate their income, in order to have money to deposit in their secret bank account.

3. "I have a lover, and I spend more on her than I do on you."

If your husband or wife is having an affair, it is very likely that he or she is spending more money on their lover than they are spending on you. That's right, your hard earned money being spent on your spouse's lover. Be on the lookout for purchases of expensive gifts or meals that you didn't benefit from. This is a huge red flag.

4. "These shoes cost more than you think"

Do you know how much the new computer, gaming system or outfit your spouse recently bought really costs? It may cost more than you think. As Georgia divorce attorneys, we often see the surprise on many spouse's faces when they learn the amount of credit card debt racked up by their spouse during the marriage on secret purchases. Don't let this happen to you. Involve yourself in the family finances, and review credit card bills and bank account records for unusual purchases.

5. "I only married you for your money."

It's no secret that people often make money a major factor when deciding when to settle down, where to settle down and who to settle down with. But, some may make it more of a priority than others. Although your marriage may seem like a dream initially, if your spouse married you only for the financial security you can provide them, rest assured that your spouse will soon show his or her true colors.


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