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Do You Know Your Judge?

If you have a divorce, child custody or any other family law case in Fulton County, it is important to note that Fulton County has three judges designated to the Family division. The Family Division of the Fulton Superior Court is the division of the court that has been specifically designed to hear only family law or domestic relations cases.

As with any endeavor it is important for you to be as prepared as possible when dealing with your divorce or other family law matter, and to arm yourself with as much knowledge as you possibly can. This is true especially if you choose to represent yourself in you matter, or if you have yet to find the right attorney for your matter. With this being said, we refer back to the question above: Are you familiar with the judge that will be presiding over you matter. Hopefully, the answer to this question is yes. However, if you attorney has not made you aware of certain details concerning the judge presiding over you matter, or if you are representing our self in you matter and desire to learn more about you judge, see below. We have provided some very valuable information about the chambers of the three Family Division judges that preside in Fulton County.

Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane

Case Manager – Bobbie Walker. Contact Judge Lane’s case manager with questions about status conferences, requests to be excused from status conferences, questions about the status of the trial calendar and requests for a trial date. If you have a case before Judge Lane, you can contact Bobbie Walker at 404-612-8538.

Judicial Assistant – Chiquita Powell. Judge Lane’s judicial assistant should be contacted for questions about orders, deliveries to Judge Lane’s chambers and other general office matters. Judge Lane’s judicial assistant may be reached at 404-612-8535.

Staff Attorney – Georgia Lord. Georgia Lord is Judge Lane’s staff attorney. She should be contacted about issues such as discovery disputes, procedures preferred by Judge Lane, requests for emergency hearings and other hearings other than final trial. The best way to contact Judge Lane’s staff attorney is via email at [email protected].

Judge John J. Goger

Case Manager – Will Williams. Contact Will Williams, Judge Goger’s case manager, concerning hearings and status conferences with Judicial Officers. Will Williams can be contacted at 404-612-8678. To request to be removed from a status conference calendar, fax your joint compliance paperwork to Will Williams at 404-224-0550.

Judicial Assistant – Carla Broyles. Judge Goger’s judicial assistant may be reached at 404-612-8671 to address general office matters and to inquire into how to best forward correspondence to Judge Goger’s chambers.

Staff Attorney – Nicholas Sears. If you have questions about scheduling a hearing or final trial before Judge Goger, contact Nick Sears at 404-612-8679. Alternatively, it may be easier to reach him via email at [email protected].

Judge Wendy Shoob

Case Manager – Katherine Weitzel. Judge Shoob’s case manager should be contacted with questions regarding hearings and conferences with Judicial Officers. In the event you wish to reschedule your status conference, contact Katherine Weitzel at 404-612-6045 and speak with her about what procedure is preferred.

Judicial Assistant – Gerri Scott. As Judge Shoob’s judicial assistant, Gerri Scott should be contacted regarding general office matters in Judge Shoob’s chambers. You may contact Gerri at 404-612-2812.

Staff Attorney – Carole Powell. If you wish to set a hearing or trial with either Judge Shoob, or to set a hearing with one of the Judicial Officers who work with judge Shoob, contact Carole at 404-612-6044. If you are unable to reach Carole regarding such a request, Gerri Scott may be able to assist you as well.

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