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Considering Divorce? 3 Reasons Why Divorce May be the Right Choice

If you are considering divorce in Georgia, you have likely come across many articles and web pages outlining several reasons why divorce may not be the answer. However, if you are currently considering divorce, and are unsure of what path to take, below are three reasons why divorce may indeed be the right choice.

1. Staying marriage may not be the best for the children. It is not uncommon for unhappily wed couples to remain married for the sake of the children. However, the belief that staying in a failing marriage is better for children than divorce may be misplaced. Although it is true that divorce takes a toll on both parents as well as children, witnessing and experiencing the breakdown of their parents' marriage may be even more damaging to children. Depending on the circumstances, the constant tension and conflict may be worse for children than the distress of divorce.

2. Divorce could improve your health. A failing marriage, along with all the conflict and stress caused by it, is bad for your health. Research suggests that the resentment, chronic fighting, and distress resulting from a failing marriage may lead to health concerns such as sleeplessness, weakened immune system, and eating disorders, and even a shortened life span.

3. Divorce may be liberating. Often, the fear of being alone keeps many trapped in unhappy marriages. However, the longer a person stays in an unhappy and unfulfilling relationship, the longer he or she is denied the happiness and fulfillment of a loving relationship. Divorce is tough. Divorce is stressful. Divorce may also be liberating, because although it closes the door on one relationship, it opens the door to new and healthy relationships.


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