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Celebrity Divorce Chronicles: Sonni Pacheco vs. Jeremy Renner

After less than a year of marriage, actor Jeremy Renner and Canadian model Sonni Pacheco are seeking divorce. Perhaps best known for his role in the Avengers movie, Renner married Pacheo in a secret ceremony in January 2014. However, according to the Petition for Divorce recently filed by Pacheco, the couple did not enjoy marital bliss very long at all. Pacheco's divorce complaint cites the couple's date of separation as being November 29, 2014, and throughout the short duration of the couple's marriage, it has been plagued with rumors concerning Renner's sexuality and his lack of commitment to the marriage.

As with many celebrity couples, Pacheco and Renner entered into a pre-nuptial agreement prior to marriage. But, in her petition for divorce, Pacheco is asking for the court to set aside or refuse to enforce the prenuptial agreement because, according to Pacheco, the agreement was based on fraud. In addition to requesting that the court set aside the prenup, People Magazine reports Pacheco is also seeking joint legal custody of the couple's young daughter, spousal support, use of the couple's Range Rover, the return of various forms of identification, and for Renner to be ordered to pay her moving expenses and rent.

Due to the tendency of courts to favor some form of shared custody between parents, Pacheco's request for joint legal and primary physical custody seems reasonable. But, as indicated by a statement made to E News, Renner may not be satisfied with anything less than full custody of his daughter. With the parties positions on child custody so far apart, it is likely that a custody battle will play a large role in this celebrity divorce.

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