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Celebrity Family Law – NFL’s Julian Edelman

Model Ella Rose recently claimed she's pregnant with New England Patriots' Star Julian Edelman's baby. Pregnant Model Wants NFL's Julian Edelman In Baby's Life, by TMZ Staff, July 30, 2016 Though Edelman has yet to comment, Rose claims the two are on great terms and he will be a part of the child's life, even though Edelman has already moved on and is dating someone else. We've all heard this story before, right? So what can she do to make sure things don't go south between the two (or in case they do)?

  1. Once the baby is born, formally establish Edelman's paternity over the child. Apparently Rose has already "filed paternity docs," but paternity cannot be established until the child is born. If this case were in Georgia, either Rose could file a Petition to Establish Paternity, or Edelman could file a Petition for Legitimation. Either way, this will declare Edelman to be the legal father and allow him to make claims for custody and visitation. In addition, it will allow Rose to get child support.
  2. Once the baby is born, formalize a custody and visitation agreement. This can certainly be discussed before the baby is born. According to the article, Rose plans to move to Massachusetts to make it easier for Edelman to see the child. Thus, presumably, both parties will be able to have substantial time with the child. Whether or not they are currently getting along, it is still important to have a court order by which both parties must abide, especially since they aren't married, because it is unknown how their relationship may change in the future.
  3. Once the baby is born, formalize a child support agreement. This can also be discussed before the baby is born. According to the article, child support has been discussed and Rose "is being reasonable," but this could certainly all change depending on the state of their relationship after the baby is born.

In an ideal situation, Edelman and Rose would discuss all of these issues before the baby is born, so that getting a court order establishing custody, visitation and child support after the birth is just a formality. However, as we have seen many times before, relationships break down and Rose may not be speaking so highly of him at some point in the future. So long as there is an order in place, however, at least the parties' rights as parents will be protected.

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