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Celebrity Divorce Chronicles: Monica Bellucci v. Vincent Cassel

Publish Date: 10/03/2013

Recently, rumors that actress Monica Bellucci and her husband, actor Vincent Cassel were calling it quits have been confirmed by the couple's representatives. After 14 years of marriage, according to The Local, the couple is reportedly separating by "mutual agreement." Although the couple has yet to release additional details concerning the cause of the separation, the terms of their mutual agreement, or how custody of their two daughters will be shared, infidelity may have played a role in the separation.

In the past, Bellucci has made statements signifying that infidelity may be an issue in the marriage. Specifically, she reportedly indicated in a statement that she felt it would be ridiculous for her to ask her husband to be faithful if she was away for two months. Even if infidelity is condoned by one spouse, it can often lead to other marital problems, such as trust issues or even financial concerns. If you find yourself in a marriage failing due to adultery or other irreconcilable differences, be sure to surround yourself with a team of trusted Atlanta divorce attorneys to ensure a fair settlement upon divorce.

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