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Celebrity Divorce Chronicles: George Zimmerman v. Shellie Zimmerman

She wants her troubled marriage to end “with a whimper, not a bang.” These are the sentiments of Shellie Zimmerman, reported by her attorney. According to media outlets such as the Huffington Post, ABC News and New York Daily News, Shellie Zimmerman is seeking a divorce from her husband George Zimmerman.

Shellie filed for divorce only days after placing an emergency call to local police concerning a domestic dispute between the couple that took place at the home of Shellie’s father. Although this dispute may have prompted Shellie’s recent move to file for divorce, it seems that the couple’s marriage may have suffered irreparable damage during the pendency of George Zimmerman’s criminal trial. During an interview on the television show “Good Morning America,” when asked about her marriage, Shellie refused to answer a question regarding whether she and George were still together. Although she did state that she wanted to have children and stay married, she went on to discuss that she would have to think about whether George Zimmerman would be the person she wanted to stay married to and have children with.

According to the divorce complaint filed by Shellie’s attorney, Shellie is seeking a divorce on the grounds that her marriage to her husband is irretrievably broken. Shellie also requests in her complaint that the court grant her full custody of the couple’s two dogs and to equitably divide the couple’s assets and debts. It does not appear that Shellie is seeking alimony or spousal maintenance from her husband. The full scope of the couple’s financial situation is not readily ascertainable, however according to her court documents George has been supporting her financially during their separation with funds derived from his legal defense fund.

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