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Celebrity Family Law – David Hasselhoff

Actor David Hasselhoff is currently trying to terminate his alimony obligation to his ex-wife, Pamela Bach. David Hasselhoff - I'm Done Supporting My Ex…Pamela Needs to Get a Job!!,, September 18, 2017. The parties were divorced in 2006 and, pursuant to the original divorce decree, Hasselhoff started out paying her $21K/month in alimony. Last year, after claiming he could no longer afford that amount, his payments were reduced to $10K/month. Now, he wants to stop alimony altogether, saying that she has shown a "failure to make any efforts to become self-supporting, contribute to own support, or even make any efforts to gain job skills." In other words, Bach has been living off Hasselhoff's alimony for over ten years with no effort to otherwise support herself and, therefore, Hasselhoff claims this justifies terminating alimony.

If this case were in Georgia, Hasselhoff would likely be out of luck. In Georgia, a judgment for permanent alimony "shall be subject to revision upon petition filed by either former spouse showing a change in the income and financial status of either former spouse." OCGA §19-6-19(a). The only other option for alimony modification in Georgia is "the voluntary cohabitation of such former spouse with a third party in a meretricious relationship." OCGA §19-6-19(b). There is no option for modification for a former spouse's failure to support herself in addition to receiving alimony. Though the specific divorce terms are not outlined in the article, it is possible that the divorce decree required Bach to attempt to obtain employment as a condition of receiving alimony. If this is the case, Hasselhoff may have an argument to terminate his alimony payments. If not, then, absent a change in income and financial status or proof that Bach is cohabitating with a boyfriend, he will have to continue making the payments as ordered, as much as it will likely pain him to do so knowing that she is sitting back and collecting the money while make no effort to become self-supporting.

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