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Celebrity Divorce Chronicles: Michael Moore v. Kathleen Glynn

Michael Moore, a filmmaker who is best known for his movie “Fahrenheit 9/11” is seeking a divorce from his wife of 21 years, Kathleen Glynn. According to recent reports, the filmmaker filed for divorce from his wife in mid-June on the grounds that the marriage is broken beyond repair. Although no fault grounds are being alleged by Moore it is uncertain whether Moore’s split from Glynn will be acrimonious or calm, as Glynn has yet to officially respond to Moore’s divorce complaint.

Regardless of the tone of the divorce, what is certain is that there is that the marital estate at stake is likely substantial. As a filmmaker, Moore has experienced success with his films which include “Bowling For Columbine,” “Sicko” and of course “Fahrenheit 9/11,” additionally, Moore is the author of several books. Glynn has experienced professional success as well, winning an Emmy for her work on the show “TV Nation,” and co-authoring a book with Moore entitled “Adventures in a TV Nation.” Although the couple’s combined net-worth is unknown, if the couple’s work and success is any indication, the primary issue in this divorce will be the division of the couple’s assets and property, as the couple have no children together.

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