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Celebrity Divorce Chronicles: Mariah Carey vs. Nick Cannon

“There is trouble in paradise. We have been living in separate houses for a few months.” This is the statement made by Nick Cannon, host of America’s Got Talent, when asked about his marriage to songstress Mariah Carey during an interview recently. Rumor have been swirling that the couple is on the verge of divorce since May, but the couple’s separation has only recently been confirmed by Cannon.

For those who have followed the couple’s marriage since they wed in a secret ceremony in 2008, the news of the split may not be all that surprising. From the beginning, many postulated that the couple’s marriage was doomed to fail due to the 11 year age gap between the entertainers. Although neither have officially commented on the cause of the break up, there are indications that Cannon’s focus on his career and statements made in his recent public appearances may have played a part in the separation.

For instance, the couple spent this past Valentine’s Day apart and Carey’s statements concerning the couple’s separate plan indicate Carey may have felt Cannon was placing his career over his family. In a statement made to Entertainment Tonight about the couple’s separate Valentine’s Day plans, Carey stated: “I will be sitting at home alone, just alone, pining away, being like, ‘Thanks, Nick, hope you’re having fun at All-Star Weekend.’ I can’t be mad at him, he’s working, you know? I know a lot of people that don’t work at all. So, let’s be happy that the man is working and I know he’ll be with us, and he’s in our hearts.” Additionally, statements made by Cannon in a radio interview in March may also have placed some strain on the couple’s relationship. In the interview, Cannon listed the names of 5 celebrities he has had an intimate relationship with. One of the names revealed was Kim Kardashian. Cannon’s revelation did not include time periods for these relationships, so there is no indication that infidelity was at play, but it is believed that the public revelation was embarrassing to Carey.

Despite their separation, the couple has yet to file for divorce. However, the couple’s recent sale of their $10 million Bel Air home and their plans to sell their home in the Bahamas signal that the couple may be liquidating and reorganizing assets in preparation for a divorce. If the couple does divorce, in addition to property division, the main issues of divorce will likely include child custody and child support for the couple’s two children, 3 year old twins Moroccan and Monroe. Alimony will likely be less of an issue due to the relatively equal success of both Cannon and Carey.

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