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Can You Change Your Mind After Filing for Divorce?

Can I Reconcile with My Spouse After a Divorce Has Been Filed?

Yes. Spouses may reconcile their marriage after a divorce has been filed, but the filing of a divorce will come with consequences. Filing for divorce causes pain and a breakdown of trust within a marital relationship and will also cost legal fees.

Reconciliation involves a married couple setting aside their legal separation in order to resume their marital relationship and cohabitation.

Working on the Marriage

Challenges and stress in a marriage may sometimes cause spouses to consider separation or divorce, but divorce should only be your last option after you have exhausted all other alternatives to make the relationship work. Marriage is a lifelong commitment and both spouses will need to put forth an effort to work on the marriage in order to maintain a healthy relationship. If you are struggling in your relationship with your spouse, consider working to improve your marriage by making small changes to strengthen the relationship.

As with any relationship between individuals, a marriage will require constant effort and maintenance by both parties. Because people change and grow over time, it may be beneficial to seek individual or marital counseling. The neutral perspective of a therapist can counsel you through methods to improve your relationship(s).

Legal Separation

Separate Maintenance

Although Georgia does not have a law for legal separation, Georgia law does allow for a separate maintenance agreement. Separate maintenance occurs where spouses wish to remain legally married but also wish to live separate and apart. A separate maintenance action may be filed by either spouse and resolves the same issues which would be settled in a divorce.

Informal Separation

While Georgia does not have a specific law for legal separation, this does not prevent a married couple from separating informally. An informal separation may allow the spouses space to determine whether divorce, reconciliation, or a separate maintenance action is best for their relationship.

Written by: Rebekah Ann James

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