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Can I get a divorce online in Georgia?

In these tough economic times, people are often looking for ways to save money. So it is not surprising that Georgia divorce attorneys are often asked if a person can obtain a divorce online,rather than hire an attorney and go through the court system.

In Georgia, you cannot get a divorce online. You can obtain the divorce paperwork online, but you must file it with the Superior Court, who will then grant your divorce after going through the required legal procedure. Some counties offer help with divorce filings and make it easier than others to file and obtain a divorce without an attorney. However, there are some aspects of a divorce case, particularly child custody and child support, that require specific legal documents (i.e. parenting plan, child support worksheets) that must be filled out correctly and completely before the court will grant the divorce, even if all issues are agreed upon. Thus, while there is certainly nothing wrong with negotiating issues in your divorce without the assistance of at attorney, it might actually save you time and money to hire an attorney to help you with the paperwork to ensure it is done correctly and that there will be no issues in having your divorce granted as expeditiously as possible.

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