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Appeal of a Divorce Decree in Georgia

If you are unhappy with the Judge’s Order, you have a very short period of time in which to act and a limited number of options. Your options include filing a Motion to Alter or Amend theJudgment or for New Trial within thirty (30) days of the Order, or appealing the court’s decision to the Court of Appeals or Supreme Court of Georgia.

If you wish to file a divorce appeal to the Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court of Georgia, it is important to contact an attorneyas soon as possible as there are strict filing deadlines which, depending on your case, can range from ten (10) days to thirty (30) days from the date of the Final Decree. Failure to file one ofthese pleadings before the deadline causes your right to appeal to be permanently lost.

Our attorneys can help you determine if you have grounds to appeal the Final Order, which could include an abuse of discretion by the trial court. Appeals can be complex so it is important toprovide ample time to an attorney to evaluate your appeal and to prepare the necessary paperwork before the deadline.


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