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5 Reasons to Seek Marriage Counseling Before Divorce

There are several things that set the divorce attorneys of Meriwether & Tharp apart from the numerous other Atlanta divorce attorneys. Not only do we have the largest team of divorce professionals ready to assist new and existing clients throughout the Metro Atlanta area and beyond will virtually any family law issue, such as divorce, paternity, legitimation, modification and post-divorce appeals, but we also ensure that every client who comes to our office seeking a divorce is certain that divorce is the most appropriate option for their circumstances. We accomplish this by suggesting that potential clients seek marriage counseling if they are at all unsure of their decision to divorce.

Although we are the Atlanta Divorce Team, we understand that divorce comes with physical, mental and emotional consequences and should not be undertaken without serious contemplation. Below is a list outlining several reasons to seek marriage counseling before divorce. The list below also includes the skills and coping mechanisms couples may gain from seeking counseling that can be used whether the couple decides to remain married or proceed with divorce.

Reasons to Seek Marriage Counseling Before Divorce:

  • Marriage counseling provides a safe and supportive environment for spouses to identify and communicate the issues, feelings and behaviors that are contributing to the breakdown of the marriage.
  • Once issues are identified, qualified marriage and family therapist or marriage counselor can provide instruction, coaching and feedback to help both spouses the skills necessary to improve the marriage. Such skills include: enhanced communication skills, how to fight fair or argue in a healthy manner, how to resolve conflict in a productive manner, how to negotiate and compromise, and how to appropriately express and resolve painful emotions.
  • Even if counseling does not result in persevering the relationship, the skills developed in counseling can be applied to other personal or romantic relationships.
  • Marriage counselors are trained to specifically help couples address and resolve relationship issues regarding: finances, household responsibilities, childcare, infidelity, alcoholism or drug addiction, sexual or romantic issues, and cultural differences.
  • Spouses who divorce without first seeking counseling may never be sure whether the marriage could have been preserved.  Seeking marriage counseling prior to divorce eliminates the doubt concerning whether divorce is the most appropriate option.


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