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5 Excuses Spouses Use To Stay In Failing Marriages

Often, when a marriage begins to deteriorate, both spouses know it. However, despite this knowledge, many spouses decide to remain in failing marriage. This decision is based on a myriad of reasons. Although it is essential for anyone considering divorce to be sure that he or she is ready and fully prepared for the stresses and consequences that accompany divorce, no one should remain in an unhealthy marriage due to fears or anxieties. Don’t let any of the following excuses keep you in a deteriorating marriage.

Finances. Many couples remain married so they can continue to split the rent, utilities and other household expenses. It is true that often it is more expensive to maintain two households than it is to maintain one. However, if this is the sole reason you are remaining in a failing marriage, remember that your happiness and the welfare of your family is priceless.

The Kids. This is historically one of the most common reasons spouses offer to explain why they continue to remain in a bad marriage. No one ever wants to do anything to hurt their kids, and divorce can often take a toll on the children involved. But, as Georgia divorce attorneys, we often see that children are more intuitive than most parents give them credit for. If your marriage is failing, it is very likely that your children are aware of this fact, and staying in an unhealthy relationship may have a worse impact on your children’s well being than divorce.

It’s not a good time. Whether it’s a holiday or birthday, you just got laid off, or his parents are sick, many couples remain together because the current circumstances are not conducive for divorce. In reality through, life doesn’t stop. There’s never a good time for divorce.

Fear of being single. Many spouses, especially those who have been married for an extended period of time fear the reality of being single post-divorce. Even worse, they fear that they will never find another partner to spend their lives with. Remember though, it is often better to be alone and happy, than coupled and miserable.

You don’t like confrontation. Your spouse deserves your honesty. It you are unhappy with your marriage, it is better to be upfront and honest with your spouse in lieu of doing something to potentially sabotage your relationship and hurt your spouse unnecessarily. Divorce hurts, but it doesn’t have to be nasty.


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