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Legal Aid

Legal Aid

Divorce is expensive. Sadly, as Atlanta divorce attorneys, we are often not able to help every potential client due to the costs associated with litigating a Georgia divorce or family law case. Fortunately, for those we are not able to assist with their divorce, child custodychild support or legitimation matter, there are several legal resources available to help. One of those resources is Georgia Legal Aid.

What is Legal Aid?

Most states offer legal aid services to assist those who are unable to pay for legal representation during a civil or criminal case. Generally, for criminal matters, states offer representation via Public Defender services. For those in need of legal representation with civil matters such as divorce or child custody matters, there are two main legal resources available in Georgia: Georgia Legal Services and Atlanta Legal Aid Society. Together, these two legal aid services offer a third service, Georgia Legal Aid, a website that offers a plethora of information, resources, and legal forms for those seeking legal representation or seeking to navigate their case pro se.

Who does Legal Aid help?

Generally, Georgia Legal Services and The Atlanta Legal Aid Society only offers its assistance to those who meet certain income requirements, individuals aged 60 or over, individuals with disabilities, victims of domestic violence and child abuse. Each of these services should be contacted directly for more specific information regarding income requirements and for information on how to apply for their services. Alternatively, those interested in investigating legal aid or pro bono attorney options may visit the Georgia Legal Aid website. It is important to note that due to the large number of applicants each of these services receive each year, they are unable to take each and every case. In the event Georgia Legal Services or Atlanta Legal Aid Society is unable to accept a case, the applicant is often given a referral to another legal assistance resource.

How can Georgia Legal Services or Atlanta Legal Aid help?

Atlanta Legal Aid provides legal representation to low income individuals in civil matters in the Metro Atlanta area. Specifically, Atlanta Legal Aid provides legal services throughout Fulton, DeKalb, Clayton, Cobb and Gwinnett Counties. Georgia Legal Services Program is similar to Atlanta Legal Aid, in that it represents low income clients in civil matters, but this program is different in that it is anon-profit law firm that services counties outside of the Metro Atlanta area. In addition to providing legal services throughout Georgia, Georgia Legal Services also hosts the Ask a Lawyer Legal Clinic. This clinic features volunteer attorneys who meet with potential clients who are seeking advice on legal issues such family law matters. Basically, this clinic or program allows anyone in attendance to ask an attorney questions about their legal issues.

Georgia Legal Aid is another resource provided by Georgia Legal Services and the Atlanta Legal Aid Society.  One of the most valuable services offered via the Georgia Legal Aid site is the Find Legal Help Resource. Georgia Legal Aid’s Find Legal Help Resource provides a list of pro bono legal resource regarding various legal topics. To utilize this source, simply select the legal issue you need help with and enter your city or county of residence. For those uncertain regarding the type of legal aid they require or are eligible for, Georgia Legal Aid offers an online interview that may be used to apply for their services. Once this interview is completed, Georgia Legal Aid will provide the applicant with the contact information of organizations best suited to provide the appropriate legal help.