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Meriwether & Tharp's Georgia Divorce Guide Book 

When facing a divorce, the majority of people don't know where to begin. Before you begin to think about your case strategy and your goals for your divorce, you should strongly consider educating yourself on the divorce process. Having some understanding of the divorce process and how divorce works will help you anticipate what to expect going forward. Knowing what to expect can certainly take a lot of the anxiety of out of the process.

If you are considering divorce, the best place to start is by reading Meriwether & Tharp's Georgia Divorce Guide Book. The Georgia Divorce Guide was written by two of our partners, Robert Tharp and Jason Karasik. It has an easy to understand step by step breakdown of divorce and the divorce process. Reading this book will you help master the basics of divorce so that you will be better equipped to make critical decisions while working with your lawyer to create a realistic case strategy.

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