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Forsyth Overview

Forsyth County was named for John Forsyth, who acted as Governor of Georgia from 1827-1829.   Although Forsyth County was mainly comprised of agricultural land at the time of its creation in 1832, it has since grown into one of the most affluent counties in Georgia.  With access to beautiful Lake Lanier, Forsyth County is a popular and fast growing County.  The Forsyth County Judicial Complex is located in downtown Cumming, and is the home of the Forsyth County Superior Court.  The court has three sitting Superior Court judges, all of whom share in the adjudication of family law related matters.  Due to the ever-growing size of the county, and the fact that three judges are tasked with handling all such matters, court calendars can be large.  Mediation is required in all cases involving minor children. The Judges in Forsyth County are conservative and do not tolerate bad behavior.  Each Judge has specific instructions on finalizing settled and uncontested cases; and, therefore, it is important to remain up-to-date on each Judge’s preferences.



Forsyth County maintains the majority of their divorce forms at the Forsyth Law Library located at 101 East Courthouse Square, Suite 1030A, Cumming, Georgia. The Packets for a Divorce with Children are $11 and the Packet for Divorce without Children are $6.  The Law Library accepts cash only for these forms.  Additional information can be obtained by call  (770) 205-4610 or emailing [email protected]   Many of the necessary divorce forms are universal and can be used from other counties.

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