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Charlotte Ruble


  • Georgia State University

    Georgia State University

    Atlanta, Georgia 2006, 2008

    Masters in International Business, Bachelors of Arts in Spanish and German

  • Mercer University School of Law

    Mercer University School of Law

    Macon, Georgia 2011

    Juris Doctor and Advanced Legal Writing Certificate


Charlotte R. Ruble is an associate attorney with Meriwether & Tharp, LLC and practices family law. Mrs. Ruble has gained considerable experience litigating family law cases since her admittance to the Georgia Bar in 2011.  She began practicing law under the Chair of the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia.  Mrs. Ruble has legal and community ties to Cherokee and Forsyth County Georgia. She has litigated divorce, contempt, family violence, modification, and adoption cases in Forsyth, Hall, and surrounding Northeastern counties of Georgia.

Mrs. Ruble earned her Juris Doctorate and a Certificate in Advanced Legal Writing from Mercer University School of Law in 2011. At Mercer, she was an active member of the Association of Women Law Students supporting local charities including the Ronald McDonald House.  Mrs. Ruble interned with the Honorable Judge McElyea in the Superior Court of Cherokee County after her first year of law school.  Under Judge McElyea, Mrs. Ruble performed legal research and spent extensive hours observing cases in Superior Court.

Mrs. Ruble worked as a law clerk for Weinberg, Wheeler, Hudgins, Gunn, & Dial after her second year of law school through 2011 where she gained experience in defense litigation.  At this large multi city firm, Mrs. Ruble conducted discovery projects and analysis for medical malpractice defense, breach of contract, products liability, and premise liability.

Prior to law school, Mrs. Ruble graduated cum laude with a Master’s in International Business from Georgia State University.  She interned at the United States Consulate in Munich, Germany in 2008.  Mrs. Ruble also has a Bachelor’s in Spanish and German from Georgia State University.

Mrs. Ruble utilizes her Master’s in Business to strategically plan for the financial transitions of family law actions.  Mrs. Ruble aids clients by properly assessing and dividing diversified investments, pensions, businesses, comingled funds, and falsely reported income.  Every household has a financial center and Mrs. Ruble helps her clients reconfigure that financial center so that the parties can move forward after their case is concluded. 

Mrs. Ruble greatly values family time and structure.  She understands the challenges and benefits of a diversified modern family and aims to maximize the strengths of each family to make the sum larger than the individual parts.

Mrs. Ruble currently lives with her husband and daughter in Cherokee County.  Mrs. Ruble loves gardening, the outdoors, and DIY projects.



"I was very fortunate to get Charlotte as my divorce attorney. After 30 years of marriage, I found myself in very unfamiliar territory and Charlotte helped me navigate some very rough waters. There was so much I hadn't considered and she advised me of my rights and what to expect each step of the way . My friends who had been through a divorce told me I would never get much alimony at this stage and I ended up wit way more than I ever expected. She was available to answer my question 24/7 which was truly amazing. She was with me through my panic attacks and made me laugh when I thought I couldn't handle any more stress. Besides being a great attorney she is also a wonderful person. I don't think I could have gotten through this without her." Posted by Gwenn.

"Meriwether and Tharp are top notch, honest, and provided real support when it was most important to me. Charlotte Ruble handled my divorce settlement and she fought for me with compassion and professionalism. Her honesty and integrity was refreshing and from the day I first met her about my case. She never gave me any false hopes or expectations. She is the real deal. I would highly suggest this firm if you need counsel for any case and especially Charlotte Ruble and her team. I am a father of one son and she knew from day one that I wanted primary custody and she helped achieve that goal in a very conservative county where I was told it was 'impossible'." Posted by John. 

"As a newly single father, the circumstance which I found myself in I was blessed to have the counsel of Charlotte Ruble. Finding an attorney to guide me through the morass which is divorce, is no easy task and one to choose wisely. Yet the circumstances you may find yourself time is not your friend. If you are reviewing this and you are the one who didn't ask for the divorce your window of opportunity is even more narrow. It's not a scare's just reality. Each divorce and circumstance is different. Before selecting Charlotte I interviewed 2 other attorneys. Each time I found myself judging them against Charlotte. One area of concern I had when comparing years in practice. That concern was a non issue and done away with almost immediately and why I've rated Ruble as Excellent is she and her paralegal Kept me informed, Responsive and Trustworthy. Knowledgeable of course, Ruble was also mindful of the financial strains and financial commitments which come with the process. I wish I could disclose who opposing counsel was and advise you stay clear. However, not the right venue. I'm thankful that Charlotte not only had my best interest in heart but also that of my young son. It's a rarity to find a compassionate lawyer but one who tells you how it is, what your options are and what you can do. By know way was this a "fun" experience but there were times Charlotte and I enjoyed laughs. But know this, it's better to have Charlotte on your side than your ex hiring her and you facing her as opposing counsel. I saw her dismantle an attorney who holds the belief he/she was the greatest gift to the legal community and a legend in his/her own mind. I'm glad I had Charlotte safe guard me from sloppy practice of the opposing counsel. I guess the since it's in the review guidelines here is something SPECIFIC; after negotiating terms opposing counsel attempted to move the goal post and insert language outside of what was agreed on. Charlotte's thoroughness caught the discrepancy. A few other times opposing counsel's laziness and adversarial approach attempted to derail negotiations tied to divorce Charlotte's could easily direct attention to communiques confirming our rightful position removing absurdities leveled by opposing counsel and her client. There is a lot of uncertainty in the process. Yet there was only one thing which I always certain about....that was having Charlotte Ruble as my attorney." Posted by Craig.



I was very fortunate to get Charlotte as my divorce attorney. After 30 years of marriage, I found myself in very unfamiliar territory and Charlotte helped me navigate some very rough waters. There was so much I hadn't... read more

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