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Ali began her career in the legal field as a receptionist at a law firm in Woodstock, Georgia. During her seven years there, she was introduced to a wide variety of practice areas, notably Family Law, Bankruptcy and Personal Injury. She wore many hats during her tenure, including paralegal, billing coordinator and office manager. Throughout the years, Ali quickly realized her passion for family law and her ability to empathize with those enduring the difficult process of domestic litigation. On a personal level, Ali experienced her own divorce at the beginning of her career, providing her with a unique insight on the importance of cooperative co-parenting.

Ali began working at M&T in 2019 and brings a creative approach to problem solving to her team, especially in the area of child custody and parenting time. Ali strives to be a useful source of information for her clients, helping them understand the legal process while encouraging them to see the bright side of a sometimes dark and overwhelming life experience. Ali often reminds her clients that no one going through a divorce is be expected to be a "pro" and encourages them to ask questions, seek information, learn how to best prepare themselves, and rely on our legal team to guide them through the finish line.

Ali "shares" 5 very active children with her own "splendidly blended" family and spends the majority of her time outside of work shuffling kids around between various gyms, fields and studios. She is an avid sports fan and appreciates watching any live game, whether it be her own kids or the Pros on the field. She loves the GA Bulldogs and the Atlanta Braves, and even has a dog, Hudson, named after a former Braves pitcher (or maybe named after her daughter's first crush, depends on who you ask.) Ali likes to spend her free time cuddled up with her Husband watching Netflix or vacationing on a cruise ship headed anywhere.