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As with any major life change, it is advisable to have a plan before you begin the process. Knowledge is power. A contested divorce can be a long and complex matter. It is helpful to have an understanding of your current financial situation and potential custody issues. It is important that you create a plan or exit strategy and gather important documentation before starting the divorce process.

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Divorce Preparation

  • Planning an Exit Strategy

    As with any major life change, it is advisable to have a plan before you begin the process. Below is a checklist of sorts, which may be helpful to those considering a divorce.

  • Information Gathering

    Being properly prepared can place you in an advantageous situation when divorce is imminent. The charts below outline a preliminary list of information and documents to gather as soon as possible during the divorce process.

  • Telling Your Spouse

    The discussion of divorce between spouses is a tender, egg-shell coated topic. Breaking the news to an unsuspecting spouse that their world is about to be turned upside-down is a challenge and more than likely one of the most difficult discussions you will ever engage in. 

  • Telling the Kids

    One question that often comes to mind as a couple considers divorce is: “how do we tell the kids?” This can be a difficult and scary task. However, armed with the right tools and information, parents may be able to better handle this very sensitive subject.

Is my Spouse Cheating?

One of the most typical reasons for divorce is adultery. Depending upon the circumstances, it may be very difficult to determine if your spouse is cheating. Before engaging the services of a private investigator or taking other means of tracking your spouse’s activities, observing your spouse’s behavior may help you determine if your spouse may be cheating, if further steps are necessary or if it is time to consider speaking with a Georgia divorce attorney.

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What to Bring to Your First Attorney Meeting

  • The best time to provide your attorney with information and documents relevant to your case is in the initial set of meetings. Once you have identified the attorney you would like to handle your case, the next step is to provide that attorney with all of the information needed to successfully handle your case. Below is a checklist of documents and information that you should be prepared to share with your attorney early in the divorce process. Bringing these documents, or disclosing the below mentioned information to your attorney as soon as possible, will give your attorney the tools necessary to position your case for success.


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