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The 4 Core Areas of Divorce

  1. Child Custody
  2. Asset Division
  3. Child Support
  4. Alimony
  • Child Custody

    Child custody defines the relationship between both divorcing parents and their minor children. There are two major types of custody – physical custody and legal custody.

    Learn about Child Custody
    Child Custody Illustration
  • Asset Division

    There are two key concepts for asset division: 1) defining what exactly is (and isn’t) marital; and, 2) noting Georgia does not require an equal division of property.

    Learn about Asset Division
    Asset Division Illustration
  • Child Support

    Child support is financial support that is paid from one parent to another to help pay for the various costs associated with raising the minor children.

    Learn about Child Support
    Child Support Illustration
  • Alimony

    Alimony is an allowance out of one spouse’s (or ex-spouse’s) separate estate for the support of the other spouse when the spouses are living separately.

    Learn about Alimony
    Alimony Illustration

Leh and his team were brilliant. They have amazing systems set up to move through their process yet they keep it very personable. Leh and the team were very understanding and helpful especially during a very emotional... read more

Mrs Glaves was very caring and professional with my case. She took the time to listen and give me the best advice to WIN my case!! I would recommend her to all my friends and family with her expertise. read more

Leh has assisted me on several occasions since 2007; he's always been helpful, informative, and timely. He provides expert advice and is someone you can trust to watch out for your best interests. read more

There is not enough space here to express how greatful I am for Mrs. Joann Brown Williams. Mrs. Wililams takes time with you and explains everything about your child custody case, I was never rushed great bedside manners... read more

Andrew Weegar is so we'll versed in matters of divorce. I came to MERIWETHER & THARP, LLC with a legal desaster. Prior to MERIWETHER & THARP, LLC my legal counsel essentially was working to advantage only himself and my... read more

Tenacious. Took a difficult case and plotted a long-term winning strategy that worked ! Possesses deep insight into character and behavior of other people and put it to use. Deep knowledge of law and great consultation... read more

Attorney Amanda Gallardo deserves my highest praise for recovering delinquent alimony payments! She is painstakingly meticulous with attention to every detail. As an attorney, she is my version of a “Sherlock... read more

Melissa Bowen, is a first rate lawyer and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a divorce attorney. Her personable approach and genuine concern for her clients enables her to customize a clear strategy that... read more

Leh is an excellent attorney with a strong grasp of the law. Beyond his knowledge he is very creative in negotiation while keeping me as a client focused on a final outcome as opposed to the current (often times tense)... read more

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