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The 4 Core Areas for your Divorce

  1. Child Custody
  2. Asset Division
  3. Child Support
  4. Alimony
  • Child Custody

    Child custody defines the relationship between both divorcing parents and their minor children. There are two major types of custody – physical custody and legal custody.

    Learn about Child Custody
    Child Custody Illustration
  • Asset Division

    There are two key concepts for asset division: 1) defining what exactly is (and isn’t) marital; and, 2) noting Georgia does not require an equal division of property.

    Learn about Asset Division
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  • Child Support

    Child support is financial support that is paid from one parent to another to help pay for the various costs associated with raising the minor children.

    Learn about Child Support
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  • Alimony

    Alimony is an allowance out of one spouse’s (or ex-spouse’s) separate estate for the support of the other spouse when the spouses are living separately.

    Learn about Alimony
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I had interviewed 2 lawyers prior to Robin , I knew she was for me within 5 minutes of meeting her. She is very detail orientated, she is focused on the client and does an excellent job at keeping her clients informed. It... read more

I have completely enjoyed and valued working with Robert Tharp so far. While our interactions have been brief it is clear that I am working with a personable, professional and dedicated Attorney. Robert is not like many... read more

Charlotte Ruble was amazing. She explains everything so that you may understand it to the highest level, a real go getter, and worth every dime and more. She handled my parenting plan modification above all expectations... read more

If you are in need of a Divorce Lawyer I HIGHLY recommend working with the team of Meriwether & Tharp LLC. Joan Brown-Williams, Julie D. Korzenko, and Carol Hollister were amazing! I do not come from a background of... read more

I hired Charlotte to represent me on my recent divorce and all I can say is big THANK YOU! What an awesome lawyer. I was dreading mediation, but Charlotte and her team were so helpful at keeping the anxiety low. She was... read more

First, I will preface this review by saying that each person in a marriage must do everything they can to save it and especially when there are children involved. Divorce is one of the most difficult things a family can... read more

From the outset, Mr. Tharpe was there for me, both personally, professionally, and emotionally. Easy to speak to, yet extremely intelligent and dynamic, he is an out of the box thinker in the most difficult of times. He... read more

I had a free consultation on divorce and she clearly noted all the points and explained the different scenarios and about child custody. More of all, she has patience to listen to the client. I tried another law firm, who... read more

Elizabeth was one of a team of two attorney's who represented me in a tough spot. read more

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