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Laura Lynn Hoskins


  • University of Washington

    University of Washington

    Seattle, Washington 1995

    Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

  • Seattle University School of Law

    Seattle University School of Law

    Seattle, Washington 2001

    Juris Doctor


Laura has practiced family law for over twelve years and she is licensed to practice law in both Georgia and Washington State. Laura loves her job because she tremendously values assisting people through one of the most difficult periods of their lives. She is very interested in the psychology of divorce and studies nights at Oglethorpe University for her psychology graduate degree. 

Laura's three professional strengths are skilled diplomacy, zealous advocacy and excellent customer service. Many clients want to proceed through a legal matter as expeditiously as possible. That requires skilled diplomacy and creative, fast-paced problem solving.  On the other hand, where an opposing party will not proceed in a reasonable manner, Court action and zealous advocacy are required. Laura believes that it is fundamentally important in a divorce to choose the right tool. Outstanding customer service is necessary in all matters and Laura strives to provide that daily. Thanks to the many communication tools available today, Laura offers clients superlative access. 

Four years ago, Laura divorced, ending a twenty-eight year long relationship. Prior to that experience, Laura didn't really understand that one of the hardest parts of the process is making the decision to divorce.  Her personal experience substantially broadened her understanding of what her clients face.    

Laura works primarily out of the Woodstock office. 



"I have always refused to sling mud during what has been a nightmare custody battle. I believe that taking the higher road is what will ultimately win in a situation where ultimately everyone especially the children lose. Laura fights an honest and ethical fight. I believe that because of this she is highly regarded with our local judicial "team". With her help, I can walk away from from this knowing that if my children ever decide to when old enough go through all of these court records that I will not be ashamed. Laura is honest and will always act in good faith. I had huge respect for her and trust her completely with what is more important to me than anything else in the world, my children. One day they too will thank her." Posted by Heather

"Divorce is always stressful, but I felt that mine was made especially so because for personal reasons mine had to take place very quickly. Laura made it all happen somehow and I was especially impressed with how she handled herself with the judge when he threw us a curveball when he made a ruling based on his own misinterpretation of how he had read the background check information. I almost had a heart attack, but Laura was able to sort it all out quickly and calmly explained to the judge how he had made his mistake, the judge apologized and all was well! If you want a tough courtroom advocate combined with someone who treats you with compassion and caring, Laura will fit your needs perfectly! I cannot thank this wonderful woman enough!" Posted by Tracy


Miss Hoskins initially reviewed, with me, the petition for divorce that the ex filed. She then explained to me in non-legal speak what the petition meant. She was empathetic about my situation but was quick to offer... read more

My divorce was a complete and total nightmare that took about two years to complete. People around me were even comparing it to a soap opera because it was so ridiculous and time consuming. Laura Hoskins and Earl Morris... read more

Divorce is always stressful, but I felt that mine was made especially so because for personal reasons mine had to take place very quickly. Laura made it all happen somehow and I was especially impressed with how she... read more


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