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Choosing an effective and successful divorce attorney is often the first and the most important decision individuals make during the Georgia divorce process. Additionally, avoiding common divorce mistakes and evaluating the true costs of divorce are also critical considerations to evaluate prior to getting a divorce. 

  • Choosing the Best Attorney

    Selecting the best attorney for your case may seem overwhelming at first; but, if you keep the following themes in mind, your search will likely be more fruitful . . .

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  • Avoiding Common Mistakes

    Below are some common mistakes made by individuals going through the divorce process as well as tips to avoid these pitfalls.

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  • Aggressive isn't Always Best

    Below is a list of several reasons why selecting the most aggressive divorce attorney is not always the best choice, and may ultimately cause more harm than good.

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  • Collaborative Divorce Attorneys

    The goal of collaborative divorce is for both parties to reach a mutually beneficial settlement agreement without going to court. As the name suggests . . .

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Lowering the Costs of Divorce

Although some costs associated with obtaining a divorce in Georgia are unavoidable, there are some actions that individuals going through the divorce process can take in order to control or even reduce the cost of their divorce. Below is a list of tips and suggestions that may just help you lower the cost of your Georgia divorce. 

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Information for Parents

  • Single Moms in Georgia

    According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, between 1994 and 2011, the rate of births by single mothers in Georgia increased from 35.5 % to 45.1%.

  • Can Dads Win?

    Dads may absolutely be awarded child custody in Georgia, and an award of child custody is not dependent on the sex of the parent, but on the best interests of the child or children involved.


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