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Can my ex-husband stop paying alimony if I moved in with my boyfriend for a very short period of time?

The answer will depend on what is in your final decree of divorce. If there is a provision that says alimony ends when you move in with a man in a meretricious relationship (a marriage-like situation), then your ex-husband’s alimony obligation ended when you moved in with your boyfriend. It does not matter that this living situation did not last long. If you moved in with your boyfriend, no matter how short lived, your ex-husband’s alimony obligation is automatically over. No court order is needed for him to stop paying because your divorce decree specifically provides for this situation.

However, if your settlement agreement/final order of divorce only says the alimony obligation ends on death or remarriage (and he did not file a modification action and receive an order modifying his obligation), then your ex-husband is still required to pay alimony, including the time that you lived with your boyfriend. You can enforce his court ordered obligation through a contempt action.

By Patrick L. Meriwether, Partner, Meriwether & Tharp, LLC

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