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Divorce Resources

Divorce Resources

Meriwether & Tharp, LLC strives to provide high quality legal representation while helping our clients through difficult times. To assist you in your sensitive family law matter, Meriwether & Tharp has provided family law resources that may help make a difficult process easier to manage. 

Useful Links

The following are useful links provided for the clients and web site visitors of Meriwether & Tharp ... (continue reading). 

Legal Aid

Divorce is expensive. Sadly, as Atlanta divorce attorneys, we are often not able to help every potential client due to the costs associated with litigating a Georgia divorce or family law case. Fortunately, for those we are not able to assist with their divorcechild custodychild support or legitimation matter, there are several legal resources available to help ... (continue reading).

Support Groups

Divorce is often one of the most traumatic and life changing experiences many people endure. In addition to the financial and physical toll, divorce also has emotional consequences for both parties involved. In the midst of this emotional turmoil, individuals often turn to the one person they encounter the most during their divorce process for emotional support, their divorce attorney. Although divorce attorneys are equipped to guide clients through the treacherous legal terrain of the Georgia divorce process, we are not equipped to help with emotional or mental health concerns ... (continue reading).

Women's Shelters 

Due to the nature of abusive relationships, victims of domestic violence may view seeking a divorce as an insurmountable task. Although seeking a divorce will be more difficult as a victim of domestic violence, if you are a woman in an emotionally, physically, or financially abusive relationship and you are ready to free yourself and your children from the cycle of violence it is essential that you take the appropriate steps necessary to prepare yourself for the divorce process ... (continue reading).